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  4. Music Video Timeline.

    A massive tip for anyone out there putting together any videos. Make sure your sample rate is correct in the project & export settings.. And by correct, I mean making sure the sample rate of any audio you use is the same as the project settings. Otherwise you’ll have to copy everything over to a new sequence like I had to. Thankfully it didn’t matter, because I’d already edited all the shots together, but you’ll notice there’s no naming on the tracks. Another way to avoid this could be colour coding all of your tracks as I’ve done in the performance part of the clip. Also, a lot of the audio achieved in the start of this video was achieved from reversing, slowing down & delaying some audio clips. I always like to see what type of weird sounds I can get from things, especially dial up tones. Last but not least, while in Austria, I trekked up a mountain in thongs to record some birds chirping in silence for the base audio in the introduction of the video.

    Tl:DR - Don’t edit like me.

  5. Amsterdam, Holland.

  6. Amsterdam, Holland.

  7. Trier, Germany.

  8. My bud sworninzak is learning well.

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  9. Trier, Germany.


  10. deathmetalocalypse said: dude your photos are the best! i always look forward to seeing your photos on my dashboard, keep up the great work man!

    That’s very kind, thank you.