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  2. Soooooon.

  3. Enemy (2013)

    I didn’t mind this at all.

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  4. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


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  5. Today I turn 23, ‘tis never fun. Pro tip for life; don’t get old.

  6. Hannibal Season One down, thoroughly enjoyed.

  7. 240fps darbs.

  8. 240fps doesn’t translate that well with gifs, neither does colour. #sacrifice

  9. Tip: 240fps for smooth gliding close ups of everything, EVER.


  10. agigglingbrick said: What's your favourite bands? I need to expand my library because it's extremely small right now...

    Mine’s pretty small but I listen to a few key things. 

    Aegaeon, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, The Faceless, Barrier, The Contortionist, Molotov Solution, Paragon, The Black Dahlia Murder. That’s what I mostly listen to.. Silence, Kublai Khan, Creations, Culture Killer, Dealey Plaza, Fit For An Autopsy, Immoralist, Signal the Firing Squad, Villains, Emerald Vale, Flood of Red, Sworn In, Disentomb, This Will Destroy You are all cool bands.

    I frequently delve into the From First To Last / From Autumn to Ashes / Drop Dead, Gorgeous / Senses Fail era though.